Dwarf Mammoth (a biological oxymoron)
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Mammoths were, of course, imposingly large Proboscidean with small ear pinnae. However, there were small mammoths on islands - especially in the Mediterranean. While many mammoths were more than twice the height of a human, the Crete mammoth was about the size of an adult St. Bernard dog. I fantasize walking my pet pigmy mammoth, and training it to retrieve the evening newspaper. I visualize having to admonish it to stay off the couch, and quit squirting neighborhood kids with its trunk. What a great animal. As with other Pleistocene mammals, it is tragic that we don’t have them around anymore, and we need to resolve that NO MORE species will go extinct!!

 Don’t let species go extinct!


This could be my favorite mammal; albeit, it is extinct, and I can never know how I would react to it in life. It is the dwarf Mammoth from Crete, Mammuthus creticus

If you think Mammoths were big, consider the Indricotheres from the Oliigocene. The biggest land mammals ever.